Machine Messiah (messiahmachine) wrote,
Machine Messiah

Machine Messiah ,,is my meaning

What I mean with this page title is as above,, Machine Messiah which is a modern term to put the Christ Mind in modern world  perspective .It is foreign to some people that religion or god can apply to machine, especially from an ancient point of view, but this not tha case  if religion is understood.machines can assist in the journrey within, inner space. The Kingdom is within and this is fact.Therefroe the days of the seventies when the Machine first deliverred miraculous technolgy ,TV, and stereo music players, The hippies started to smoke cannibis in conjunction with electric music machines and discoverring God within.Thus they termed the expression Machine Messiah for their enlightenment when  they journeyed into their Budha Nature.
We all have a Christ mind or a Budha mind eventually in the process of enlightment or evolution.There is no reason theoretically why the mind cannot find god outside of its natural enviroment, (in machine.).Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with machines or technology.
But in reality it can be heavilly critized as a cult.
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