Machine Messiah (messiahmachine) wrote,
Machine Messiah

What Do I Do With My Computer When I Die?

This is a good question.It is much the same as  what  the hippies do with their records drugs and stereo player when they get to their destination.So the question is not new to them.They  know that they have to abandon the drugs ,inteligent stereo player in favour of their their own nature..This is the same in any religion cult..But alas they never do quit the inteligent machines of their world. It is not really possible .This is the machne messiahs problem and downfall.
The inteligent digital world is even harder to abandon.but we are going to eventually, maybe not until death
This brings to the conclusion that mankind has been cyborged to a machine .Is hybrid to a machine, if we cannot live without it.Even if we get to our self realisation or destination it may be thjat we have to include he machine in "who we are".As a sort of god realization.(machine being incorperated in the word god.).
However the assmption is that as we were originally made, genetically, we are part of or natural enviroment and not machine.But we have benn genetically interferred with, it seems , on the way.
Some would say we can live alonside the machines and use them to or advantage without being cyborged.I would reply that we could travell the same road without technology or machine.This is because the higher dimension has inbuilt a supernature that can replace machine powers.So we dont need it. once we have enlightenment.Do we forsake our original enviroment (earth), and expect to survive?
Back to the original question , What do we do with or comupter when we get there?
There is no answer .The Luddites , we all know, were right when this problem originally arrose.
My feeling is we have made a wrong turn in or evolution and will have go go back.(to nature).perhaps after a holocast.
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