Machine Messiah (messiahmachine) wrote,
Machine Messiah

Update June 2017

Machines have overetaken more or less the mind, and therefore the christ mind or the budha mind is available, as it was in the 70,s , in conjunction with the machine world.
So the machine messiah can still appear. The kingdom is still within.
However it doesnt neccessarilly need a belief in God now, because science has evolved to put mathematical formulas to time and sapvce.this includes inner space. And the true nature of time.
The machines that  are now everyday ,, and still evolving, can certainly deliver the "stereo type stereo effect" hippy messiah, but it is not so likely .Does lightgenning strike in the same place twice?Not just the science of the ear is catered for but also the many scieneces of the eye.So the mobile chips can deliver innerspace in many ways.
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