Machine Messiah (messiahmachine) wrote,
Machine Messiah

Total Concept

The machine has a total concept behind it as explaned by its terminology for us, machine messaih.That is, to deliver who you are ,by its culture(s).as said by me below, a yogichrist result.This obviously is, as in buddha or jesus christ, involve correct nature and correct super nature. (These things include miracle powers as well!).It does include the knowledge science of the machinary, (Computers and technology as well).,which is  basically one of its software programs ,knowledges, that deliver a machine messiah,, (i.e yogichrist), therefore music is not the only sytem/ as in hippy culture.
Once the purpose of the macine is accomplished it is of no further use, once it has delivered sight to the blind. i.e turned the 2 eyes into one eye.The third eye.There is a Third ear.
But woe and behold , we will not do this thing of throwing away our attachments.
This is a dangerous path, from which one can fall and various stages are delivered with rules for the paths safety.As in religion there are strict rules, which the old stereotype cannibis smoker shortcuts, and is garaunteed to end up in a lunaric asylum.They have to be put down 100%.

One may think one has got a prize by achieving the enlightenment of (machine) messiah but one has to realize that even its to prize is crucifixtion and death.It  gives nothing for nothing, This is why ignorance of the old days is eqaul no less to an enlightenned age,the poor and the rich are the same.You have yourself originally and also ultimately.No more.
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