Machine Messiah ,,is my meaning

What I mean with this page title is as above,, Machine Messiah which is a modern term to put the Christ Mind in modern world  perspective .It is foreign to some people that religion or god can apply to machine, especially from an ancient point of view, but this not tha case  if religion is understood.machines can assist in the journrey within, inner space. The Kingdom is within and this is fact.Therefroe the days of the seventies when the Machine first deliverred miraculous technolgy ,TV, and stereo music players, The hippies started to smoke cannibis in conjunction with electric music machines and discoverring God within.Thus they termed the expression Machine Messiah for their enlightenment when  they journeyed into their Budha Nature.
We all have a Christ mind or a Budha mind eventually in the process of enlightment or evolution.There is no reason theoretically why the mind cannot find god outside of its natural enviroment, (in machine.).Theoretically, there is nothing wrong with machines or technology.
But in reality it can be heavilly critized as a cult.

What is Nature?

Our nature, specifically, is best described as in Genesis of the bible.As a "male and female" unit.Not one or the other.And the whole genesis arguement applies.That we are evolving through the process of knowledge or experience to a higher being.i.e that you may become as gods, through the learning knowledge of, light and dark, left and right, or good and evil.Through life.The varios chapters giving examples of life,s lessons.
I think the knowledge is directly linked to genetical make up and teaches us to transcend our earth evolutionary program.i.e captivity in four dimensions to captivity in five dimensions.i.e overcome time/space restrictions.Overcome matter.But I do believe that this evolutrion should take place in nature alonside our ecology and enviroment.(other life forms.)
I believe evolution of this kind applies to all other life forms,I also believe that plenty of life forms have evolved from planet earth to these higher levels and some may still be present with us on earth.Just because, for instance, a tree doesnt use technology or have hands and legs,it doesnt mean that it is not very highly evolved with superpowers beyond our imagination.We dont that.Nor the dolphins or the whales or other animals such as cats etc.Also it doesnt mean after reaching a higher evolution , that a creature will cease from its former function.It may well carry onl living as normal, as does  a tree.It maybe blind us by the light.
So in the battle of a species survival who is hiigher? an extinct species or a species that has been evolving fro 600 million  years.?So therefore it may be that ants or insects or trees may outsurvive other species such as humans .In that case who would have to be considered more inteligent in nature , ? the insect or the human?
It makes you think that the way we have been taught to think of ourselves as most inteligent is rubbish.

What Do I Do With My Computer When I Die?

This is a good question.It is much the same as  what  the hippies do with their records drugs and stereo player when they get to their destination.So the question is not new to them.They  know that they have to abandon the drugs ,inteligent stereo player in favour of their their own nature..This is the same in any religion cult..But alas they never do quit the inteligent machines of their world. It is not really possible .This is the machne messiahs problem and downfall.
The inteligent digital world is even harder to abandon.but we are going to eventually, maybe not until death
This brings to the conclusion that mankind has been cyborged to a machine .Is hybrid to a machine, if we cannot live without it.Even if we get to our self realisation or destination it may be thjat we have to include he machine in "who we are".As a sort of god realization.(machine being incorperated in the word god.).
However the assmption is that as we were originally made, genetically, we are part of or natural enviroment and not machine.But we have benn genetically interferred with, it seems , on the way.
Some would say we can live alonside the machines and use them to or advantage without being cyborged.I would reply that we could travell the same road without technology or machine.This is because the higher dimension has inbuilt a supernature that can replace machine powers.So we dont need it. once we have enlightenment.Do we forsake our original enviroment (earth), and expect to survive?
Back to the original question , What do we do with or comupter when we get there?
There is no answer .The Luddites , we all know, were right when this problem originally arrose.
My feeling is we have made a wrong turn in or evolution and will have go go back.(to nature).perhaps after a holocast.

Update June 2017

Machines have overetaken more or less the mind, and therefore the christ mind or the budha mind is available, as it was in the 70,s , in conjunction with the machine world.
So the machine messiah can still appear. The kingdom is still within.
However it doesnt neccessarilly need a belief in God now, because science has evolved to put mathematical formulas to time and sapvce.this includes inner space. And the true nature of time.
The machines that  are now everyday ,, and still evolving, can certainly deliver the "stereo type stereo effect" hippy messiah, but it is not so likely .Does lightgenning strike in the same place twice?Not just the science of the ear is catered for but also the many scieneces of the eye.So the mobile chips can deliver innerspace in many ways.

Fatally Floored

Having first read the 2 articles before this one, I now add that the whole arguement for the new age , its total concept, its machine messiah and it alien nature and technology program and it human machary and programn, science, is floored in paractical application. It seems ok theoretically and when science is complete, possible its theory would have practicle possibillities.
The nature of its end point is a messiah.If understood this is a nature program( of a messiah such as jesus christ or buddha. .i.e. radha krisna.,it is a parapsycology arguement/.It is not a fiddle if it is not shortcutted or misused.But the para psycolgy has to be correct or viable.It can be faulted, and if it is faulted after the "building is constucted", it will obviously fall down and result in a waste" of time and money".
Fallen angel situations will be the mass populatuions of the cities in the world largely because of tese sorts of things and drug trade law breaking sexual arguements and machine misuse. System misuse.
In other words reigion is very very dangerous as is life without quite strict rules.and laws.

The para psychology situation has been a disastrous balls up total rubbish and a total mistake,
Our system is virtually a right off in this country, as well as others.
It will not deliver by nature.The nature is a right off, so therefore so is our nations chance of a new age or acheiving the goal it set out to do 25 years ago.
It has made very huge nature mistakes and the blame for this goes to our scientists, particularly at the departments of psychology.
We definat3ely have to back of and revers our policies a lot, and come down quite a long way, to earth
However many many people are in favour of taking higher, much higher to solve the problem from above.Or if not solve the problem deliver a more comfortable useage out of the already "spent .money".
Its makes sense, yes, but its not a clear cut arguement, to go totally into the drug sex/love music thing.One has to remember while itr would be the right thinhg for some , it would nbot suit evrybody,, and their is also a severer mental health issue to consider at the same time, whethere or not it would be successful, or exceptably so, as well, because it hasnt shown any sucessfull results, on examination,in the last 35 years. It seems to have made it worse.
We may have to go back a considerable distance.And remove drogs and many other things.
 And hard work.

Total Concept

The machine has a total concept behind it as explaned by its terminology for us, machine messaih.That is, to deliver who you are ,by its culture(s).as said by me below, a yogichrist result.This obviously is, as in buddha or jesus christ, involve correct nature and correct super nature. (These things include miracle powers as well!).It does include the knowledge science of the machinary, (Computers and technology as well).,which is  basically one of its software programs ,knowledges, that deliver a machine messiah,, (i.e yogichrist), therefore music is not the only sytem/ as in hippy culture.
Once the purpose of the macine is accomplished it is of no further use, once it has delivered sight to the blind. i.e turned the 2 eyes into one eye.The third eye.There is a Third ear.
But woe and behold , we will not do this thing of throwing away our attachments.
This is a dangerous path, from which one can fall and various stages are delivered with rules for the paths safety.As in religion there are strict rules, which the old stereotype cannibis smoker shortcuts, and is garaunteed to end up in a lunaric asylum.They have to be put down 100%.

One may think one has got a prize by achieving the enlightenment of (machine) messiah but one has to realize that even its to prize is crucifixtion and death.It  gives nothing for nothing, This is why ignorance of the old days is eqaul no less to an enlightenned age,the poor and the rich are the same.You have yourself originally and also ultimately.No more.

The Machine 2008

The machine is designed for a machine messiah, exactly as it was in hippy days, but the software program then was music,(and cannibis, LSD.).It is designed to design a yogi christ.A metaphysical arguement on the nature.It is not wrong in its technical, albeit drugs should not be used.And music is not neccassrily the only software programn. Science and technolgy and other systems of self realization are just as good
Two eyes see for themselfs the current day knowledge,(2008), and become One eye.The hippy music knowledge was "the ears to become the ear, and then the ear to become the eye.(In a similar way, but through music, (and drugs).).
It was noted as a disaster the hippy experiment.
Today we are also facing a disaster.
It is Alien machinary alien politics and natrure.In other words compulsory metaphysics religion, to the yogichrist or budha or chist or allah or mohamd or rahda krisna nature.
New age science has a technical god, but the nature of the arguement is the same.
It is not a good thing to turn the human nature into alien nature but it cant be reversed.
The full knowledge of religion, whether it be new age or any other, is not understood by most, in fa ct6 new science derides religion, disproves it but puts one in anyway that is technically correct and is God.
So we have God, and this is the arguement.But God is simply for those that are blind, not for those who can see, and when we take religion as a path , it will return us to our original condition, having delivered the cure to blindness.
Alien politics should never have been compulsory for thos who were not blind.
The computers control our nature and they are alien technology.
We are a machine age, and it seems the modern degree must be  to do the knowledge of our personal "machine messiah".

Messiah Machine Update.2008

Since i have last posted, I offer these insights into the new science nachine apdate.I am 56 years old and have posted beneath our age group outdated concept of what we termed the machine messiah.Our softwrae was music, og a high calibre, but it was a new electronics and a sofware program, very akin to our current machinary.In fact muany of our principals today are based on it.I would be the first to agree that they should not be.It is indeed a defunct cult.however it was founded on those inteligent peolple of the time who had eyes to see.Your new macinary, will also at best be founded on your inteligent generations who will have eyes to see, and they will also make profound mistakes.
However, fire awy.
The see itself technology of 2008 includes in its technology hardware, new sciences all thne way to the Holy grail.Therefore in the nearish furture we can expect a machine to be with us that would be correctly described a s Technical God.We now have to complete our science with the finishing touches of the holy grail mathematics, which should be very close and additionally the decoding of the l;anguage of the genome. This I myself guess is 30 years distant.
i myself term the electronics, computers etc as see itself technology.To me this is what they are. A better terminology than "computers","Devices.".,"Artificial intelegence systems".Accurately defining them.Those who see electronic inteligence as a nmatch for their own inteligence would have to see themself just to break even.But a good challenge.

Machine Messiah

Was a word invented in the seventies to describe the Christ conciousness stereo-tytpes of the drug-music revolution.Jimi Hedrix,Bob Dylan,Buster Collins,etc,and the many,many more of them,Basically updating this mind type to the 2000 century, to include the modern sciences and technology.

Of course today has seen technology become God in its own right, and is very applicable today, this term, However where the system was previously electrified music,nowadays there are several systems and studies that can Christ a mind, New Science and Mathematics,as well as technology in its own right.Currently a renaiscance music movement has not repeated itself since the sixties.